Top energy-saving tips from Tom Kirby, our Home Energy Advisor

Tom's 'Top Saving Tips' videos are available to watch (or share with those you care about) below. 

They’re each just a couple of minutes long, and are designed to help everyone- not just our tenants.

Tom's Top Saving Tips: in the home

Tom's Top Saving Tips: in the bathroom

Tom's Top Saving Tips: in the kitchen

If you’re a tenant and need some more tailored support, you’re more than welcome to call Tom on 07782 522498, or email him using: Tom's support won’t cost you a penny, and he'll work his money-saving magic by: 

  • reviewing your energy tariffs,
  • tips to reduce energy costs (while keeping things warm during the colder months),
  • advice on Winter Fuel Payments,
  • support with energy disputes,
  •  and- where possible- more tailored support based on your circumstances.

You can also find further advice to help you save energy and lower your bills on these pages:

Tips to use less energy and save money

There are plenty of things you can do around the home to save money on your bills.

Following the advice all year round and not just in winter can save about £350 per year.

Keep our top tips posters handy by downloading them here:

Money saving tips - Around the home [pdf] 266KB

Money saving tips - In the living room [pdf] 186KB

Money saving tips - In the kitchen [pdf] 254KB

Money saving tips - Whilst cooking [pdf] 183KB

Money saving tips - In the bathroom [pdf] 185KB

Water saving top tips

Why not download our handy water saving factsheet?

Whether you want to reduce your water meter charges and/or reduce your environmental impact, this document contains plenty of top tips to help you do both:

Water saving top tips [pdf] 255KB