Top energy-saving tips from Tom Kirby, our Home Energy Adviser

Tom's 'Top Saving Tips' videos are available to watch (or share with those you care about) below. 

They’re each just a couple of minutes long, and are designed to help everyone- not just our tenants.

Tom's Top Saving Tips: in the home

Tom's Top Saving Tips: in the bathroom

Tom's Top Saving Tips: in the kitchen

If you’re a tenant and need some more tailored support, you’re more than welcome to call Tom on 07782 522498, or email him using: Tom's support won’t cost you a penny, and he'll work his money-saving magic by: 

  • reviewing your energy tariffs, 

  • advising on winter fuel payments, 

  • providing tailored energy saving advice

You can also find further advice to help you save energy and lower your bills on these pages: