Scrutiny group

Our Scrutiny group is part of Bolton at Home’s co-regulatory framework. The group’s role is to scrutinise how Bolton at Home are meeting the current regulatory standards and BH’s aims and objectives. They carry out service reviews of Bolton at Homes activities and operations and their work helps to drive continuous service improvement.

What does our Scrutiny group do?

  • Ensure there is scrutiny of housing services with the aim of making improvements.
  • Act as a critical friend, providing constructive, evidenced feedback to Bolton at Home.
  • Ensure housing services are accessible and meet the needs of all customers.
  • Promote value for money and identify areas of waste.


The Scrutiny Group is made up of a minimum of 8 members made up of a majority of tenants, alongside leaseholders and customers.

Previous service reviews

  • Damp and condensation
  • Disabled adaptations
  • No access to properties
  • Transfers

They Scrutiny group are currently undertaking a service review of BH’s Front office reception.

To find out more about the Scrutiny group email the

Scrutiny Group Terms of Reference.pdf [pdf] 123KB