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Bolton at Home and our staff support a number of charity campaigns and activities throughout the year via volunteering, fundraising, donations of goods, support in kind, payroll giving and financial contributions. This includes ongoing support for a number of local charitable organisations including Urban Outreach, Bolton Hospice, Bolton Wanderers Community Trust, Bolton Octagon, Bolton Sunday League and Bolton FM.

This year we have developed a calendar of scheduled corporate charity events to help our staff, suppliers and corporate partners plan their activities and contributions during the year. The calendar highlights the charitable events and activities that we will be supporting during the year and describes how you can help, either by donations/fundraising, volunteering or donations of goods.

We want to encourage all of our contractors, suppliers and corporate partners to work in partnership with us in supporting our charitable activities and also in delivering their own corporate responsibility.

Previous successful examples of where our contractors and suppliers have supported our charitable activities and demonstrated their own corporate responsibility include;

  • In 2014 a team from our fleet provider volunteered at Urban Outreach’s food bank warehouse, for a half day, together with a team from Bolton at Home. The aim of the activity was to support one of Bolton at Home’s key charitable partners, develop our relationship and help our contractor understand Bolton at Home’s social value priorities. In the following year, our contractor worked with their supply chain partners to support Urban Outreach’s BL15 project which provided free packed lunches to approx. 1000 children a day across Bolton, during the 6 weeks summer holiday. Our contractor and their supply chain partner provided a free vehicle for Urban Outreach to use throughout the project for the delivery of almost 30 000 lunches across Bolton. In December 2015, our contractor also chose Urban Outreach as one of the recipients of their charity Christmas raffle which generated over £1500 for Urban Outreach.
  • A number of our suppliers and partners support our annual Stars of the Community Awards event which recognises local community groups and individuals who have made a difference in their communities. These include: Trowers and Hamlin, TrustMarque, MaxMedia and Effective Training & Development.
  • In December 2015, staff from Bolton at Home, together with our contractors and suppliers, donated 1200 boxes of after dinner mints for Christmas hampers for families across Bolton. Our maintenance partner collected boxes of mints at their head office and one of our fencing contractors kindly donated £250, which bought 500 boxes of mints from Morrisons. We also successfully persuaded the store at Morrisons to donate an additional 100 boxes.
  • In December 2015, we worked with partners from across Bolton including Bolton Lions, Urban Outreach, Bolton Lads & Girls Club, BWFC, Asda, Greater Manchester Chamber, Bolton News, Bolton FM and Middlebrook to launch the Big Bolton Toy Appeal. We collected and distributed toys to almost 2000 children across Bolton.
  • In 2015, our staff volunteered alongside staff from our partners, Asda and Seddon, to collect 1.3 tonnes of food donations for the local food bank delivered by Urban Outreach.


You can view the calendar here: Bolton at Home calendar of corporate charity events 2017