Non dependant deduction

Non-dependant deductions are made from Housing Benefit for non-dependants aged over 18 who normally live with the claimant. For example, grown-up sons or daughters and elderly relatives. You should ensure the non-dependant hands in proof of income to the Housing Benefits Team as this will ensure correct deduction is applied.

The amount of deductions began to increase from April 2011, the first time they had increased for 10 years.

Non-dependant deductions are taken from the eligible rent. (This is the amount of rent you pay after we have deducted any services that cannot be paid for by housing benefit such as heating charges) before a claimant’s Housing Benefit is assessed. It is then their responsibility to make up the shortfall.

Non-dependant deductions do not apply to claimants who are entitled to either Attendance Allowance or Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payments, regardless of the non-dependant’s circumstances, or how many non-dependants live with the claimant.