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Changes to our Door to Door customer newsletter

Changes to our Door to Door customer newsletter

We are changing our approach to our seasonal publications. This includes making Door to Door a digital publication and introducing a tailored newsletter for customers who live in Bolton at Home sheltered and extra care housing. This Q&A explains what we’re doing and why.

What is changing?

From this winter, our customer newsletter, Door to Door, will become an interactive digital magazine, named Tap4. We will stop producing a printed edition of Door to Door after our latest and final issue goes out in November to guide customers on the changes.

To reach customers who less readily access information online but who benefit from additional support to live independently, we will introduce a new printed publication called Quarter Turn. This publication will provide tailored news for approx. 3,000 customers living in our sheltered housing properties and extra care developments.

Why are we making these changes?

In the last few years, technology has changed rapidly. This has changed the way people consume news and information, with many now getting this online and especially through social media. We are embracing these new forms of communication with our new digital magazine.

Tap4 won’t just be an online copy of the traditional printed newsletter. It will be an interactive digital magazine online, and can be experienced on a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

What are the benefits of a digital magazine?

Having a digital magazine means we’re not restricted to a set number of pages. We can produce a range of information and advice for our customers, including videos, downloads and other interactive content.

It also means we’re not bound by mailing and postage deadlines, so the information we produce will be fresh and up-to-date. Another added benefit is that customers will be able to comment and share this content on social media, meaning more people can get involved in the conversation.

What about our customer groups who don’t use the internet?

We are aware that not everyone is online. This is the reason we’re introducing the new quarterly printed newsletter ‘Quarter Turn’ for our customers in sheltered and extra care housing, who we know are less likely to use the internet and more likely to need information on what is happening where they live. So we will dedicate the content of Quarter Turn to raising awareness of relevant activities, services and stories from in and around these communities with the purpose of helping to connect people with local networks.

We recognise that many senior customers are regular internet and social media users, so we’re not saying that the printed newsletter should be used instead of our online offer. It should be considered a complementary publication.

What about other customers that don’t have internet access at home?

Customers can use computers and the internet for free at our UCAN centres. And colleagues at our UCAN centres can help people get online with confidence. For locations, opening times and contact details of our UCAN centres, phone 01204 328000 or go to

Tap4 is being created in a way that it can be accessed quickly and easily on a mobile device with access to the internet. There are lots of free Wi-Fi spots across Bolton allowing people to go online without using their mobile data.

Tap 4 won't require a password to log-into it or need people to access any sensitive personal data. We want customers to be safe and secure online.

We encourage people to protect their information and avoid doing any internet banking, shopping or other 'transactional' activities on a public Wi-Fi connection that is unsecured.

Why not stick to having one publication for everybody?

We want to give people news, information and advice that is more relevant to them. For example, we know from feedback we’ve received over the years that our older customers may not be interested in the content we produce about apprenticeships and careers. They may be more interested in hearing about local community events and activities they can get involved in, or specific services that benefit them.

Is this being done to save money?

This is a way of delivering better value for money.

We save by reducing printing and mailing costs, but we aren’t looking to reduce our customer communications. For instance, mailing costs are not something we can control and they continue to increase. This has a significant impact when posting nearly 18,000 newsletters four times a year.

With a digital magazine, we can ensure most of our investment goes into producing the actual content that is seen and heard. We will use more photography and video to bring you more helpful information in a more modern and appealing way.

The changes also allow us to create the additional printed newsletter for customers living in sheltered and extra care housing.

How often will the publications be produced?

We will continue to issue each of our new publications – both the new digital newsletter Tap4 and the printed newsletter Quarter Turn – once every three months.

What content will be in the publications?

We will continue to provide helpful and relevant information about our services and interesting news from neighbourhoods across Bolton.

The content will follow what has come to be expected from us and what customers have asked for in readership surveys to-date, such as community stories and advice and support.

There will be more practical information to help customers make their money go further and take advantage of opportunities out there for better health and routes into employment and training.

How can I keep informed with Bolton at Home?

Customers don’t need to wait for Tap4 or Quarter Turn for news. They can get instant access to information, advice and support through our website and Facebook and Twitter channels.

We recommend that people follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter for the most efficient way to know when new editions of Tap4 are available. They will then be able to see the latest content as soon as it comes out by clicking a link to the digital magazine. It will also be available from our website.

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