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Beat the heat of high cost lending with your local credit union

Beat the heat of high cost lending with your local credit union

We deliver a wide range of support services to help tenants and residents be independent and to help communities be sustainable. These include supporting Hoot, Bolton’s credit union, to offer fair loans and secure savings.

The last week of June is Credit Union Awareness Week across Greater Manchester. Credit unions are an ethical alternative to high-cost and doorstop lenders and save people hundreds of pounds.

The Beat the Heat campaign during Credit Union Awareness Week urges people to be cool and prepared in the face of financial adversity (high interest, no savings) and offers a call to action to get prepared for holiday (or other) expenses by choosing a credit union for saving or borrowing.

To reinforce the message, each credit union is putting-on fun activities to encourage people to find out more about credit unions and the benefits of ethical savings and loans.

Hoot Credit Union  is celebrating by turning its Victoria Square branch into a holiday destination with activities and a free prize draw.

Over 50,000 people in Greater Manchester are members of a credit union and have over £24m in savings between them. In 2018 Greater Manchester credit unions saved their members £7.5 million in loan interest by encouraging them to borrow from the credit union rather than high-cost and doorstop lenders.

Credit Union Awareness Week aims to tell at least another 50,000 that they can save hundreds of pounds by going to their local credit union.

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