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Book on our Cook up some cash training receive a free slow cooker, ingredients to make a delicious meal, free LED light bulb and other money saving tips and goodies!

What to expect cook up some cash

Here's what to expect on the FREE course:

  • How to use a slow cooker and make delicious, healthy and nutritious meals with very minimal cost and effort!
  • How to cook and shop on a budget
  • The price difference between brand V's supermarket own brands – saving up to £30 on your weekly shopping bill
  • Taste testing, basics of slow cookers, knife skill handling and basic food hygiene.
  • How to lower your gas, electric and water bills.
  • How to use your central heating system and how to stay warm and safe in winter
  • Lots of money saving tips and how to shop around for the best deals
  • We also provide you with a free lunch where you will get to sample 3 different meals.

We really do know how to save money and cook up some cash! 

To book your FREE place - please call Mary Winrow on 01204 329710 or email

See what our customers think of the course

We think our cook up some cash course is fabulous, but don't just take our word for it!  Hear what our customers had to say:

Lyn said, "I love my slow cooker.  I batch cook and freeze portions.  It makes great meals and it's so easy to make too."

Michael said, "I went on this course earlier this year and it was fantastic!  I use my slow cooker more than my oven, and the food tastes so much better."

Angela said, "This is a great course.  I learned so much about saving money.  I will definitely make some changes at home and I can't believe how much money I wasted buying brand foods all the time!"

Peter said, "Chick peas, well who would have thought they were so nice.  The chick pea curry was amazing and so cheap to make."

See our slow cooker recipes

chick pea curry

Here are some fabulous slow cooker recipes. They are not only healthy, delicious and packed full of protein, but also come at a very low cost to make.



slow cooker - chick pea curry [pdf] 312KB

slow cooker - butter chicken [pdf] 304KB

slow cooker - veg soup [pdf] 312KB

slow cooker - stew [pdf] 296KB

Save even more money with 'own brand' items in your weekly shop

Did you know that branded items cost more than double compared to own brand items - but do they taste twice as good?

We priced up 21 brand items against 21 store own brand items and saved £30.28 per week.  That's over £131 per month, which is over £1570 per year!

Book onto our Cook up some cash training and find out how to save even more money on your household bills.

Branded Versus Store own brand
Product Brand Item Store own brand
Baked Beans 75p 25p
White Sliced Bread £1.05 55p
Milk £1.80 49p
Chopped tomatoes 95p 31p
Tinned tuna £1.75 65p
Cheese 500g £5.00 £2.50
Soft cheese £2.40 49p
Rice 500g £2.65 £1.00
Tea bags – 80 bags £2.49 £1.10
Coffee – 200g £5.69 £2.00
Fresh Orange juice – I litre £2.48 90p
Crisps – 6 pack £1.50 85p
Jaffa cakes – 24 in pack £1.89 95p
Biscuits – milk choc digestives £1.50 44p
Orange cordial £1.49 42p
Pasta sauce £2.60 75p
Jar curry sauce £1.89 75p
Yoghurt x 6 £3.00 50p
Box cereal - cornflakes £2.50 45p
Toilet rolls x 4 £2.25 £1
Washing up liquid £1.50 50p
Total Spend £47.13 £16.85

Book onto our free training

For more details or to book onto our FREE Cook up some cash training, please call Mary Winrow on 01204 329710 or email: