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Here you'll find our most recent news articles, from important tenant updates and new housing developments, to new community initiatives and activities.

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Property for sale at Hulme Road, Stoneclough

Property for sale at Hulme Road, Stoneclough

Property with three bedrooms for sale at Hulme Road, Stoneclough.

If you’re interested, please follow this link to Rightmove:

It’s part of our Group’s Asset Management Strategy to have an active approach to the management of properties and it's recognised there are occasions where selling a property is the best option after a detailed assessment.

This sale won’t result in a loss of affordable homes overall. We’ll invest the money from the sale into our development programme- allowing us to build more new, modern and sustainable homes that are affordable, energy efficient and in high demand.

We don’t often sell properties but it does allow us to invest in communities long term, in line with our agreement when we took over the housing stock from Bolton Council.

You can find our Group Asset Management Strategy among our range of policies and strategies here: 

A direct link to the document here:

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Tap4 issues

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This quarter, we thought you’d find our 2020/21 Annual Report more useful than a standalone issue of TAP4.

Why? Because it includes more detail on many of the topics we’d otherwise include in the latest TAP4 issue.

  • a breakdown of how we spent EVERY PENNY from each pound of rent you'd paid us, 

  • how building NEW BUILD HOMES benefits you, regardless of whether you live in one, 

  • and the exact number of COMPLAINTS we’ve received, as well as some examples of how we’ve learnt from them (such as missed appointments, fly tipping, and our Antisocial Behaviour Policy). 

Want to read a previous issue of TAP4? No problem. They're listed below:

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