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Our response to the government’s plans to "fix a broken housing market"

You may have seen news of the government’s housing white paper, which sets out plans to reform the housing market and boost the supply of new homes in England. To read it together with supporting information, click here.

We share the Greater Manchester Housing Providers' position on it:

'After years of housing policy dominated by measures designed to increase home ownership, the renewed recognition of the need for rented housing in this housing white paper is very welcome. The under-supply of new homes has persisted for more than 20 years - and will take at least another generation to correct. Recognition by government that home-ownership is now unattainable for many is a major step forward in solving the housing crisis.

'For those on or below average earnings, renting will remain the most realistic prospect. The white paper sets out how more rented housing is to be built and we look forward to working with partners across Greater Manchester so that existing rented housing can be improved - longer tenancies and more security for those who live in it; more rights when properties are not properly maintained and greater affordability for tenants. We hope that by working with the new Mayor for Greater Manchester, solutions can be devised to ensure that all landlords meet these standards.

'We also welcome the encouragement in the white paper for everyone to play their part in building the new homes we need. Freeing councils from financial shackles, ensuring that land is not simply hoarded and that building actually takes place on land which has planning consent, and bringing more diverse and smaller contractors into the construction industry are all welcome measures.

'Taken together, this white paper represents the most thoughtful programme of interventions around housing for many years and marks a welcome evolution in government thinking.'

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