Percent for art

Housing percent for art promotes community and social regeneration using the arts to involved and engage with customers in innovative ways. A sample of projects can be found below.

Projects include celebratory arts and capacity building for groups and individuals as well as enhancing capital projects with phyiscal artworks, streetscaping and environmental improvements. Working with people in neighbourhoods managed by Bolton at Home Percent for Art provides opportunities for residents to improve their communities.

The service lets people experience a vast range of contemporary art in their everyday life. It also offers both us, you and a wide range of artists to be involved in a creative, constructive and positive way.

The Arts Vision

Delivering a quality arts service that meets customers’ needs and contributes to the regeneration of our neighbourhoods

Key outcome areas for Bolton at Home customers:

Access to the Arts
Increase experience and participation in the arts

An improved quality of life and wellbeing

Strong and confident
Strong and confident individuals and communities

Developing creativity, skills, and confidence to achieve

Place and space
Feel good about where they live

Think and do
Inquire, explore, challenge

Percent for Art Retrospective Impact Study

In 2010, Bolton at Home commissioned Creative Options Consultancy to carry out a retrospective impact study focusing on the first ten years of Percent for Art. The research found that scheme had made a significant impact in a number of areas, including community, environment, economy, other services.

Executive summary

Full report

We have Housing Arts officers covering different areas of the borough:

Bolton West
Shonagh Ingram
Tel: 01204 329571

Bolton East
Gaynor Cox
Tel: 01204 329706

Bolton South
Dawn Yates-Obe
Tel: 01204 329580

Bolton North
Rodney Adams
Tel: 01204 329562

More Percent for art projects