Bolton at Home secures injunction against anti-social resident

Bolton at Home has secured a court injunction to prevent a violent nuisance neighbour from entering an area of Breightmet.

The injunction gives police officers the power of arrest if Terence Howarth enters the area around Dovedale Road.

Housing officials, supported by Greater Manchester Police, applied for the measure after Howarth used violence and also threatened violence towards residents living in flats in the area.

Tess Ash, Assistant Director for Neighbourhood Safety at Bolton at Home, said: “We’re very determined to tackle anti-social and criminal behaviour, and we’ll take action against perpetrators to protect the local community.

Under the terms of the injunction, granted by Bolton Combined Courts, Howarth is forbidden from entering the area around Dovedale Road, using or threatening violence and from engaging in any conduct capable of causing an annoyance or nuisance to any other person.

The injunction was granted with a power of arrest attached, which means police officers can arrest Howarth immediately if he breaches the injunction.