In your words

Eunice Rowley, board member

"We do it to make a difference. Looking to get this organisation delivering a first class service because customers are paying first class prices."

Eunice Rowley, Tenant Board member

How we are governed

We are a registered charity. We are run by a board and associated committees made up of Councillors, independent and tenant members.

We have a board of 12 non-executive directors, 1 co-opted member and one staff representative.  These include:

  • 4 elected members (nominated by Bolton Council)
  • 4 tenant members (appointed using a recruitment and selection process)
  • 4 independent members (appointed using a recruitment and selection process)
  • 1 co-opted member
  • 1 staff representative

The main board is supported by four committees:

  • Audit committee
  • Customer committee
  • Standards committee

The main board and the customer committee are open for the public to observe (but not to participate or vote).

You can follow this link to see the board meeting dates, non confidential minutes and board reports.

Still got questions about our board and customer committee? Read our answers to some frequently asked questions about our board and governance.